Why we prefer outer news to inner news?

By exploring our inner world and learning about ourselves, we can better tap our abilities and increase our contributions. This is far more beneficial than reading about news in various parts of the world. Yet we spend far more time on outer news than on inner news. 

Why do we avoid inner news? Because it often forces us to confront uncomfortable truths about ourselves. Suppose some situation agitates us. Why it agitates us often speaks more about us than about that thing. If we don’t explore inward, we can just blame that situation. But if we do explore inward, then we may discover an emotional wound or inner weakness and may recognize the need to heal or fix it. And fixing anything about ourselves is hard work. 

Suppose we are at a party where someone we know wants to speak something uncomfortable with us. To avoid that person, we may talk with anyone else. And if these other people seem important and talking with them makes us feel special, then we will do so even more eagerly. 

If we apply this dynamic to ourselves, then seeking outer news can be our excuse for avoiding inner news. And it’s a prestigious excuse, for we can impress others by how much we know. 

Suppose, however, the person we are avoiding also has good news: a workable solution to the problem. Then by avoiding them, we will be hurting ourselves. 

The same applies to our inner world too because within us are not just our weaknesses that need to be fixed. Within us is a sublime fount of wisdom, the indwelling Divine, Krishna. If we turn inward with a positive spirit, we will be illumined from within (10.10), thereby learning to heal ourselves holistically. 

One-sentence summary:

Don’t let outer news become a prestigious excuse for avoiding inner news; even if inner news initially hurts, it will soon heal. 

Think it over:

  • Why do we avoid inner news?
  • Why do we seek outer news eagerly?
  • How is inner news eventually helpful?


10.10: To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me.


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  1. This one of the best Gita Daily posts ever.It is so appropriate in these times when politicians, healthcrats and especially the media are misleading us and trying to make us live in fear. Looking inward and realizing the inner being is far greater than the outer being is important now more than ever. Thanks so much for these daily lift-me-ups. Hare Krishna!

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    • Thanks for your thoughtful appreciation. Yes, the Gita’s timeless message is especially needed in current times.

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