Winning, whining, wining — or worshiping?

Suppose we strive to do something challenging. If we win, our mind becomes jubilant; if we don’t, it often goes into a zone of negativity, wherein it frequently does two things: whining and wining.

Whining: The mind starts complaining about how unfair life is, how uncaring people are, or even how unworthy we are. By painting all of reality with a negative brush, the mind fills us with fearfulness, moroseness and overall self-destructiveness (Bhagavad-gita 18.35). When we thus become paralyzed, we lose our inclination and intelligence to do anything constructive.  

Wining: When our mind’s whining becomes unbearable, we start desperately looking for some way to feel good. Then the same mind presents us with some quick-fix such as wining, wherein we use wine to get rid of our distress and indeed our self-awareness. Nowadays, an effect similar to intoxication is available not just through various substances, but also through various activities such as net surfing and video gaming. However, trying to flee from our sufferings by intoxication never works — soon, the intoxication ends, and we find that our problems are not just still there, but often have become worse. 

Gita wisdom offers a healthier solution: worshipping. The supreme object of worship, Krishna is the all-attractive, all-loving source of all satisfaction. The Bhagavad-gita guides us to work as a form of worship (18.46); therein, we re-envision our entire life as a way of worshipping Krishna through inner recollection and outer service. By such devotional connection, we relish a non-material fulfillment that raises us above the dualities of elation on winning and dejection on losing. 

Indeed, winning, whining and wining are like the mind’s wild roller-coaster, which we can avoid by staying on the firm ground of worshipping. 

One-sentence summary: 

When we stop winning, our mind will start whining and wining, unless we start worshiping.

Think it over:

  • When we stop winning, what does our mind do?
  • What is the mind’s roller coaster? How can we get off it?
  •  On encountering failure, what does your mind typically do? How can you respond better?


18.46: By worship of the Lord, who is the source of all beings and who is all-pervading, a man can attain perfection through performing his own work.

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  1. Hare Krishna Prabhu !

    Nice article, you have a very good presentation skills.
    I am not only progressing spiritually with your views on bhagavad gita verse but also progressing in improving english vocabulary with your unique new words daily.

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  2. Worship wipes out all vicious feelinngs

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  3. Great Service Prabhu. Minding the thoughts and giving them right direction is the biggest challenge in artificial world.

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