Mental blocks block far more than road blocks

While driving, if we find a road block, we can’t just deny or wish it away – we need to practically deal with it, either remove it or find an alternative way. Just as road blocks obstruct our physical movement, mental blocks obstruct our mental movement.

A major difference between the two blocks is that the mind is unceasingly restless. When blocked, it doesn’t stop thinking entirely – it just stops thinking constructively. It runs repeatedly along a disempowering track of indignation, irritation and frustration. And each iteration on this track paints ever-worsening dystopian scenarios that leave us panicky, paranoid, paralyzed.

When faced with a road block, we can still do something constructive, say, make some pending phone calls. But when mentally blocked, we can hardly do anything constructive. Thus, mental blocks block worse than road blocks.

At the Bhagavad-gita’s start, Arjuna found himself mentally blocked. Confronted with a fratricidal war, he became overwhelmed by negative emotions. He saw inauspiciousness in all directions and found his mind reeling in agony (01.30).

The Gita doesn’t deny Arjuna’s block or wish it away by telling him to stop thinking negatively and just cheer up. Instead, it offers an empowering spiritual light that revealed options invisible earlier. Gita wisdom explains that we are at our core spiritual beings, souls who are eternal parts of the whole, Krishna. He cherishes us so much that he accompanies us constantly in our heart. If we connect with him by cultivating his devotional remembrance, we get calmness and clarity. The conviction dawns within us that whatever happens, we are always meant to lovingly serve him. Our focus shifts from difficulties to possibilities.

When we concentrate on doing what we can in a mood of service, we discover options we had missed earlier. And our mental pathway becomes gradually and increasingly unblocked.

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