Absorption of consciousness in Krishna brings about expansion of consciousness through Krishna

Expansion of consciousness is an oft-used term in spiritual circles. People seeking deeper fulfillment in life intuit that they can do so by expanding their consciousness, by engaging themselves in some cause higher than themselves, by becoming more empathic in their dealings with others.

While there are different ways of expanding consciousness, the bhakti tradition recommends the way of absorbing consciousness in Krishna. Bhakti helps us understand that Krishna is the highest reality, the source and sustainer of everything, the one who is connected with everything. By thus understanding Krishna’s unique position, we appreciate that absorbing our consciousness in him doesn’t restrict our consciousness to him. Instead, through him, our consciousness expands to everything in a profound awareness of cosmic inter-connectedness. This connectedness is not just conceived with the head, as happens when we think of all human beings as belonging to the same species or all living beings as having the gift of life. This connectedness is experienced with the heart; we see all living beings as dear to our beloved Lord and thereby dear to us too.

The Bhagavad-gita (06.30) outlines the state of ecstatic absorption in Krishna, wherein advanced yogis see everything in Krishna and Krishna in everything. Two verses later, the Gita (06.32) mentions the vision of those yogis towards other living beings – they have a vision of spiritual equality, understanding that we all are essentially similar, being made of the same spiritual nature, being parts of the same whole, being united together by our similar nature and same source. Gaining this realization makes us truly empathic towards everyone. The supreme inclusiveness of devotion expands our consciousness purely, cosmically and joyfully.

When we thus perceive our connectedness with everyone, our consciousness expands towards all living beings in an embrace of spiritual affection.

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  1. Devotion to Krishna solves all problems

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  2. Devotion to Krishna solves all problems

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