An impurity censor makes no sense to those who don’t have even an impurity sensor

An impurity censor refers to some regulator that filters out impure content. And an impurity sensor refers to some identifying mechanism that detects impure content whenever it appears. 

Our society needs an impurity sensor because the culture today presents us with so much impure content, especially visual stimuli such as obscene imagery and verbal stimuli such as obscene language. 

Our inner world is where our purity can manifest and empower us to rise toward manifesting our fullest potential. The soul is effulgent with purity and virtue, being a part of the supremely effulgent divine being, Krishna. However, it is presently covered by impurities that prevent the manifesting of that virtue. Worse still, these impurities bring out the worst within us, making us do things that hurt us and hurt others. 

Being corrupted by such impurities, some people lack any impurity sensor: any inner sense to perceive whether something is pure or impure. Such people process all outer stimuli based on only one criterion: is it enjoyable? If yes, they want more and more of it, no matter how impure it may be. If some impurity censor regulates their access to such content, they just can’t make sense of it, “Why are enjoyable things being kept away from me?” 

The Bhagavad-gita (02.69) highlights this radical difference in values between materialists and spiritualists. If society imposes impurity censors, materialists who lack an impurity sensor oppose it fiercely. To change their attitude, simply condemning them as degraded is unhelpful; it may even be alienating. They need to be provided with philosophical education that explains the nature and consequences of impurity. 

What if they reject such education? That’s unfortunate. Still, not everyone will reject; some may be receptive. And the best chance to communicate the need for an impurity censor begins with providing education that equips individuals with an impurity sensor. 


Think it over:

  • Why does society need an impurity censor?
  • Why do some people lack an impurity sensor?
  • How can the need for an impurity censor be communicated to materialists?



02.69 What is night for all beings is the time of awakening for the self-controlled; and the time of awakening for all beings is night for the introspective sage.

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