As long as staying where we are remains bearable, we rarely move forward

Our mind usually chooses the path of least resistance. Even if we know something that we need to change, we often put it off, deeming such change too difficult.

To jolt us out of our comfort zone, material nature sometimes makes the status quo unbearable. We may face problematic external situations that are unchangeable. Or our lower desires may drag us into devilish actions whose consequences are intolerable.

The Bhagavad-gita depicts how Arjuna was thrust into such a situation when he was forced to fight a fratricidal war against his own relatives. He couldn’t see any good in his situation or any good way out of that situation (01.30). When staying where he was – that is, staying in material consciousness – became unbearable, he sought spiritual understanding (02.07).

Similarly, when our settled life is disrupted, we can see that disruption positively, as the unpalatable-but-essential impetus to push us out of our status quo. The best way out is up, by raising our consciousness towards spiritual reality. When we understand our own indestructible spiritual essence and further understand our eternal relationship with the supreme spiritual reality, Krishna, we gain sublime serenity and strength. By thus prompting us to grow spiritually, disruptions help us fulfill our existence’s ultimate purpose – spiritual evolution towards Krishna, who alone fills our life with eternal joy and love.

Of course, if we study the Gita regularly, we can even pre-empt the disruption of our settled life by refusing to settle for our present life. We needn’t wait for our present life to become unbearable, but can proactively choose the path of spiritual growth by practicing bhakti diligently.

When we thus spiritualize our consciousness and become devotionally sheltered in Krishna, thereafter, whenever life’s inevitable disruptions hit us, we are equipped to face them gracefully and fruitfully.

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