As long as we revolve around sense objects, we can’t evolve towards Krishna

We all want to be happy. Happiness is best found by evolving to a higher level of consciousness, from our present material consciousness to spiritual consciousness. At the spiritual level, we can connect with the supreme spiritual reality, the all-attractive supreme person, Krishna, thereby accessing a steadier, deeper, richer happiness.

Unfortunately, if we are attached to material sense objects, then our consciousness keeps revolving around those objects, looking for some opportunity to enjoy them. For example, alcoholics think of alcohol compulsively. Even if they travel to a distant country, their mind will still keep going back to a bar, in search for alcohol.

Similarly, as long as we are attached to worldly objects, we can’t go towards Krishna. We may practice bhakti, and that bhakti practice will be beneficial, but it won’t take us much towards Krishna Why not? Because he exists at the spiritual level of reality. To evolve towards him means that our consciousness needs to be free to rise to the spiritual level. Thankfully, even if we are attached to worldly things, we can still practice bhakti-yoga. Krishna is so merciful that he makes himself accessible to us even while we are still within the orbit of worldly objects. We can connect with him by cultivating a mood of devotional surrender.

The Bhagavad-gita (07.14) indicates that the formidable force of illusion can be surmounted by those who surrender to Krishna. By such surrender, we place ourselves in the gravity pull of Krishna. That is, our contact with Krishna through surrender increases our attraction to him, for he reveals his all-attractiveness.

The more we become absorbed in Krishna, the more that absorption raises us towards him, thereby pulling us out of the orbit of the sense object to spiritual consciousness.


Think it over:

  • How do sense objects keep us trapped in their orbit?
  • While still being in the orbit of sense objects, how can we access Krishna?
  • How does Krishna pull us towards him?

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  1. Happiness is best found by evolving to a higher level of consciousness

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  2. BHAKTI transcends all sensual emotions

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