Atheism claims to reject God, but only replaces him

Atheists often devote themselves to their atheistic theories that serve as their surrogate gods. For example, to explain the working of the universe, they propose the laws of nature as operating principles that are omnipresent, absolute and inviolable.

However, the laws of nature are simply mathematical expressions of the observed correlation between causes and effects; they don’t explain why those causes exist in the first place. Consider a cricket match in which a batsman hits a winning sixer on the last ball. While the laws of motion can explain why that shot flew beyond the boundary, those laws can’t explain why the boundary, the ball and the batsman existed in the first place.

To counter these arguments, atheists sometimes infuse the laws of nature with inconceivable potency: “The laws of nature are much smarter than you are. If you can’t understand how they work, that’s your problem, not their problem.” Such bluster doesn’t explain –  it simply explains away. It mirrors the bluster of religious fanatics who can’t logically explain their distorted conceptions of God.

Making such bluster unnecessary, the Bhagavad-gita reveals an intellectually fulfilling understanding of God. He is the Absolute Truth, the source of everything (10.08). He is the source of all organizing principles including the laws of nature. Nothing can exist without him (10.39) – not even the laws of nature, which actually work under his supervision (09.10).

If God is the foundation of all existence, how can atheists deny his existence? Because he is reciprocal (04.11). For those who want to be atheistic, he reciprocates by giving them the intelligence to come up with theories that rationalize their atheism. Atheistic theories are surrogates for God that have come from God.

When we understand God as the indispensable foundation for existence, we go beyond God-substitutes and devote ourselves to God.

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Think it over:

  1. What can the laws of nature explain – and what can they not explain?
  2. How do the God-substitutes of atheists come from God?
  3. What God-substitutes do you use to stay away from God?


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