Be ready to wait in the confusing in-between till it becomes illuminating

When driving, if we come to an intersection and don’t know which way to go, we need to wait till we get some guidance.

In our life-journey too, we sometimes come to situations where we don’t know what to do. If we are habituated to being controllers who take quick decisions, such unclear situations can be perplexing, or even frustrating. Finding the wait unbearable, we may impulsively take decisions that only make things worse.

The Bhagavad-gita begins with Arjuna in-between, both physically and metaphysically. Physically, he is in between the two armies, and metaphysically, he is in between two courses of action: to fight or not.

Instructively for us, Arjuna surrenders to Krishna (02.07). Expressing his resolve to wait for guidance, he emphasizes that an impulsive decision such as fighting wouldn’t be successful even it if was successful – even if he won, still his grief would remain (02.08). Raising Arjuna’s vision above the two options, the Gita guided him to act in harmony with his eternal identity as a servant of Krishna, thus dispelling his confusion (18.73).

Gita wisdom explains that we too need to sometimes similarly wait. Instead of worrying obsessively about whether to do this or that, we need to look upwards to Krishna. Acknowledging our smallness before his greatness, we can pray fervently to him, “Please guide me. How can I serve you in this situation?” Even if we don’t get any answer immediately, we need to stick to our prayerful service attitude and continue with whatever service is possible for us in that situation.

By our submission to Krishna shown through our willingness to wait, we please him. And he, as per his sweet timing, will reveal not only the way ahead through that situation but also the way up through it to him.

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