Before Krishna can entrance our consciousness, he needs an entrance to our consciousness

In its conclusion (18.67), the Bhagavad-gita urges us to not speak its confidential message to anyone and everyone. Why this restriction?

Because Gita wisdom needs to be presented to different people according to their level of spiritual evolution.

If parents have a hidden treasure, they naturally want their children to have it. But if those children are not old enough to value it, they may squander it. To prevent this, parents may withhold information about the treasure till the right time.

Similar is the intent of Gita 18.67. The greatest spiritual treasure of immortal love is revealed in the Gita’s conclusion, wherein Krishna reveals his unflinching love for us (18.65) and invites us to reciprocate with his love (18.66). Cherishing this treasure means to become entranced with Krishna, relishing him as the source of all-attractiveness and the object of eternal ecstatic love.

But many people are at such a spiritually underdeveloped stage that they don’t even give Krishna an entrance to their consciousness – they viscerally turn away from any mention of God. Such people need to be presented Gita wisdom preliminarily, by just opening their minds to the possibility of life having a spiritual side. Presenting spirituality in a way that agitates people’s minds is simply alienating (03.26).

Seen in this light of the need for contextually appropriate presentation, the intent of 18.67 is not to deprive people of Gita wisdom, but to present it appropriately according to their level. This compassionate intent is evident in the subsequent verses (18.68-69) that laud those who share the Gita’s message to the receptive.

By understanding who needs to give an entrance to Krishna by opening their minds to life’s spiritual side and who can be entranced with Krishna by entering into a life of love with him, we can share the Gita effectively.

Think it over:

  • Explain with an example why the Gita cautions against revealing its confidential message to everyone.
  • What is the Gita’s conclusion?
  • How can we share Gita wisdom effectively?


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  1. These Gita Daily articles certainly give entrance to Krishna in our life and also entrances us at the same time.
    Thank you, Prabhu, for presenting Gita in a way we can understand and that too in a beautiful language (Usage of word entrance as a noun for neophytes and as a verb for advanced).

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    • Thank you, Krishna Dhan P, for your eloquent comment. Yes, it is my aspiration that we all can be entranced with Krishna – and that Gita daily can help us along the way. The good wishes of dedicated devotees like you are vital for me to continue this service.

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