Corruption of the intelligence needs correction by the intelligence

The Bhagavad-gita (03.40) states that selfish desire has occupied not just our senses and mind, but also our intelligence. This statement is intriguing because the same Gita recommends using the intelligence to overcome selfish desire (03.43). If the intelligence is corrupted, how can it correct that corruption?

Because our intelligence isn’t monolithic; it is multi-faceted, like the software in a computer. When a virus corrupts a computer, what exactly gets corrupted? The software. And what alerts us to that corruption? The software, albeit another program in the software: the anti-virus program. Similarly, our intelligence has two parts: a corrupted part and a correcting part. Just as the anti-virus program removes the corrupting program, the intelligence’s correcting part counters the corrupted part.

Let’s understand how these two parts of intelligence work.

Corrupted intelligence: Usually, temptation captivates us through our senses and mind. But sometimes our intelligence too may get ensnared, as when we plan to conceal the indulgence or to rationalize it, either to others or to ourselves. This part of our intelligence that furthers indulgence is corrupted intelligence.

Correcting intelligence: This part of our intelligence examines our actions in the light of ethical and spiritual integrity. Our correcting intelligence is stimulated and strengthened when we study wisdom-texts such as the Gita. Just as an anti-virus program works better when enhanced by regular updates, our correcting intelligence works better when enhanced by regular scriptural study. Pertinently, while outlining how to conquer selfish desire, the Gita specifically asks us to use our intelligence to realize our transcendence (03.43). We realize our transcendence by studying scripture scrutinizingly and by engaging in the scripturally-recommended process of bhakti-yoga, which protects and purifies our consciousness.

When our correcting intelligence is sharpened by scriptural study and bhakti practice, it checks the corrupted intelligence promptly and cleanses it efficiently.

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