Craving can’t be curbed, but cravings can be cured

We all are conscious beings. The very nature of consciousness is to observe, feel and desire. And desire when intensified becomes a craving.

Cravings can often be unhealthy, as in the case of addictions. Yet we can’t give up craving itself because desiring and craving are natural features of consciousness. What we can do is cure specific unhealthy cravings by redirecting our desiring propensity in healthier directions.

The healthiest way to redirect our desires is by studying Gita wisdom, for it enables us to understand why we desire and how our desire gets misdirected. The Bhagavad-gita explains that we all are souls, who are eternal parts of the all-attractive supreme, Krishna. Our desiring propensity is meant to be directed towards him, for he is the source of enduring fulfillment.

Presently, we are in material existence, wherein we have forgotten Krishna. Being bereaved of the higher happiness coming from our spiritual connection with him, we seek pleasures through various worldly objects. However, all worldly objects are finite – so they can never provide the fulfillment that infinite Krishna can. The Gita (10.41) explains that whatever we find attractive in this world, it manifests a spark of Krishna’s splendor. Just as a spark can never provide the light and warmth that the sun can, no worldly object can provide the fulfillment that Krishna can.

Still, by understanding that the attractiveness of worldly objects comes for Krishna, we can avoid feeling deprived whenever we need to resist those objects. By meditating that he can provide us far more fulfillment than those objects, we can determinedly redirect our attraction from the world towards him.

When we redirect our heart by practicing bhakti-yoga, we increase our craving for Krishna and relish the supreme fulfillment in him, thereby curing our worldly cravings fully and forever.

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  1. A true krishna bhakta has no cravings

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