Devotion is deepened, not depleted, by distribution

When donors give money to someone, their own reserve of money decreases. If they are religious, the knowledge that they have gained pious credits solaces them. Still, the sense of loss at the immediate, practical level may nag.

Such nags are much lesser in charity of knowledge. Those who teach something to others often find their own understanding of that subject enhanced by teaching it. Still, if the possession of that knowledge is the qualification for some material position, then the transmission of that knowledge to another person may bring some insecurity: “What if this person usurps me?”

No such sense of loss or insecurity accompanies the charity of devotion. As devotion has to be individually cultivated, what is actually shared is the knowledge of the process for cultivating devotion, the facilities for that cultivation and the example of that cultivation.

No sense of loss or insecurity accompanies the charity of devotion.

Sharing devotion thus deepens devotion dramatically not just because of the sharer’s increased absorption in devotion but also because of Krishna’s increased grace. Why does he bestow this extra grace? Because he is immeasurably pleased when he sees his lost children turn towards him, for re-union with him comprises the highest good for all living beings. And so he is immensely pleased with those who share his message of love with others thereby helping them turn towards him.

The Bhagavad-gita (18.68) indicates that such spiritual benefactors please Krishna so much that he guarantees them both pure devotion and attainment of his eternal abode. To those who reveal his glory to others, to them, he reveals his even more intimate glory, thereby redirecting their attraction from the world to him.

Such direct divine intervention doesn’t happen in the distribution of anything else, even knowledge. Thus is the distribution of devotion the best form of charity for both receiver and donor.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Text 68

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  1. The divine nature of Lord Sri Krishna is ever expanding Love and His desire to distribute this under His parts and parcels is entrusted to His devotees. To be in alignment with this divine desire of Lord Sri Krishna elevates all who are involved, directly and indirectly.

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