Direct your curiosity radar towards Krishna

Curiosity is natural to us as conscious beings. We all could be said to have a radar that zooms in on the things that we are curious about.

Curiosity is good – it is essential for our intellectual growth. At the same time, because the world is so big and complex, curiosity about any one thing can consume a lot of our time. For example, deciding something so basic as say which toothpaste to purchase can take hours, sometimes even days.

Introspection will show that our curiosity radar frequently focuses on the four essential bodily drives: eating, sleeping, mating and defending. Such curiosity underuses our capacity for cognition. All living beings, even subhuman living beings, are curious about these bodily drives. So, when we let our curiosity remain restricted to these things alone, we place ourselves in the same epistemological boat as the animals. We fail to enquire about life’s ultimate purpose and thus stay unaware about our enduring spiritual side that defies the inevitable bodily destruction at death.

To tap our spiritual potential for life eternal, we need to direct our curiosity towards truly worthwhile things. The most worthwhile among all such things is Krishna. He is the Absolute Truth, the cause of all causes. When we direct our curiosity radar towards him, we focus on him not as an ancient historical personage or as a god of a particular religious tradition, but as the Supreme Being who underlies and unifies all of existence. The Bhagavad-gita states that the curious are one of the four categories of people who approach Krishna (07.16) and eventually come to know him in truth (07.19).

To know Krishna is to know the place and purpose of everything, including especially our own self. This knowledge, when internalized and realized, opens the door to everlasting spiritual fulfillment.

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