Don’t change the foot because the shoe doesn’t fit

Suppose a child gets infatuated with a shoe that is available only in adult size. When shown a shoe that fits, the child neglects it and starts bawling, “I want that other shoe. If it doesn’t fit my foot, change my foot.”

Such absurdity might be amusing in a child. But it is damaging, even devastating, in an adult. Adults often get depressed over something similarly incompatible: their innate nature and their imagined career.

Many adults become infatuated with particular careers because those careers are glamorized, although they may not be compatibly talented or even deeply interested. Sooner or later, they confront the reality that they are not cut out for that career. Going into denial, they resent who they are and lament they are not like someone else. Careers that gel with their nature and talents do exist. But as those careers are not glamorized, they neglect those careers. Aren’t they essentially asking that the foot be changed to fit the shoe?

Spiritual wisdom assures that whatever the way we are, we are meant for a purpose. And we are good enough for that purpose. Our ultimate purpose is to learn to love our all-attractive Lord, Krishna, and thereby attain immortal blissful life in his abode. Additionally, while in this world, our purpose is to use our God-given talents to make constructive contributions. The Bhagavad-gita (18.45) declares that everyone can attain perfection by working according to one’s nature.

When we live spiritually by practicing bhakti-yoga, we find our security and self-worth within, in our status as beloved parts of Krishna. Being thus emotionally stabilized, we don’t let superficial considerations such as glamor determine our dreams. Instead, we strive to develop our specific talents by pursuing compatible vocations in a mood of devotion. Thus, we become the best we can be.

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  1. Ha ha . Out of several articles. I am automatically attracted by the articles posted by HIS GRACE Chaitanya Charan Prabhu Ji. I test myself to see the author of article. And each time I conclude that I am right. Thanks a lot for posting such article. May LORD KRISHNA continue to bless you with same knowledge. Skill , wisdom, BHAKTI and unshakable faith in KRISHNA.

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