Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree

If a fish were evaluated by its ability to climb a tree, it would fail – utterly, hopelessly fail. And if the world deemed it a failure for its inability, it would develop severe self-esteem issues, maybe even become suicidal.

Similarly are many people psychologically damaged by today’s educational system with its one-size-fit-all ethos. Most contemporary education evaluates all students using standardized methods such as rote memorization.

However, not everyone is good at memorization – nor do they need to be. Education comes from the root educare, which refers to drawing out that which is within. Originally, education was meant to help students draw out that which is innate to them. Nowadays however, education often forces students to cram into their brains things that they just can’t connect with.

Undoubtedly, some basic knowledge of various subjects is essential. But thereafter students need to be facilitated to focus on areas they are comfortable and competent, thereby progressing confidently towards contribution and satisfaction.

The Bhagavad-gita (18.45) states that we all can attain perfection by working according to our nature. This verse is preceded by an outline of social division of labor according to innate inclinations, wherein everyone can contribute according to their strengths while having the areas of their shortcomings managed in the society by others who are good at those things. Such customized division aims to cater to both social and individual needs: society’s functional roles are taken care and people are engaged according to their nature.

Gita wisdom offers an empowering spiritual vision of life. It explains that we are souls, parts of the whole, God. We are meant to find fulfillment by lovingly serving him according to our nature. Such vision liberates our conception of success from social definitions and inspires us to securely contribute according to our nature.

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