Don’t let the mind put your thoughts out of sync with your actions

In crudely made videos, the sound and action are sometimes out of sync. Suppose a fight between a hero and a villain is being depicted. Even before the hero’s fist contacts the villain’s jaw, we hear the sound of the blow. An out-of-sync recording can make a serious scene seem humorous or even ridiculous.

What is frivolous in reel-life can be disastrous in real life. Important things can go dangerously wrong if our thoughts are out of sync with our actions. Such de-synchronization happens frequently when our mind is uncontrolled. Getting carried away by passing desires and anxieties, it makes us think of things other than what we are doing.

The undisciplined mind often thinks of everything except the thing we are doing. Aggravatingly, it thinks a lot about that thing after we have done it – and done it wrong due to the mind’s fickleness. Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (06.34) cautions that the mind is restless, infatuated, forceful and obstinate; it is like a stormy wind. Due to the mind’s restlessness, we are often active without being productive. Worse still, we may be active and be destructive instead of productive.

Spiritual wisdom brings our thoughts and actions in sync by revealing to us an inner center of stability and strength. Understanding that we are at our core indestructible souls, we get the inner stability to calm the mind. Further, we understand that God is ultimately in control and that we are his parts whom he will protect if we just do our best in his service. This insight gives us the strength to focus our mind on the present, leaving the past and future in God’s competent hands.

By thus syncing our thoughts with our actions, spirituality helps us transform our activity into productivity.

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  1. There is always flash-back in reel life but mot in real life.Times never receds backwards

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  2. This really answered my problem, thankyou!

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