Even if we can’t be grateful for all situations, we can be grateful in all situations

Suppose we have a sickness for which we are being treated. Understandably, we will find it difficult to be grateful for being sick. But we can be grateful that a treatment exists for that disease and that we are getting the treatment.

Similarly, when life hands us a raw deal, we will understandably feel resentful, not grateful. But if we shift our vision from the problems to the things helping us face those problems, we can feel grateful. And Gita wisdom helps such shifting of vision by revealing the many positives that we are usually unaware or forgetful of.

The Gita explains that we are at our core eternal souls, parts of Krishna (15.07). Material problems, however devastating, can’t harm the soul (02.23). The supreme positive reality, Krishna is always present with us in our hearts, guiding us in our spiritual evolution (18.61).

Most importantly, if we become conscious of him, we pass over all obstacles by his grace (18.58). This verse acknowledges the reality of obstacles; it doesn’t demand that we somehow stop seeing obstacles as obstacles. But it also points us to a reality bigger than the biggest obstacles: the reality of Krishna’s presence and benevolence. Instead of looking at problems and feeling overwhelmed, when we look beyond them towards Krishna, we get the morale boost necessary to stay positive.

No matter what the problem, we always have the opportunity to connect with Krishna by devotional remembrance. And for that opportunity, we can be grateful. When we choose to be thus grateful, resentment loses its stranglehold on us. And we become free to think objectively and act constructively.

Thus, even if we can’t be grateful for difficulties, we can still be grateful for the Krishna-connection that equips us to face those difficulties.

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  1. Wow. Thank you for writing this. Such a profound way to understand things. Thank you.

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  2. gratefulness is not reckoned as good quality today

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