Even if we can’t understand Krishna, we can still stand under Krishna

Life sometimes assaults us with devastating adversities that cripple us materially and spiritually. Bewildered about why God is letting such things happen to us, we may feel disheartened and overwhelmed. Still, rather than giving in to those disempowering feelings, we can choose a more empowering option: standing under Krishna.

“Standing under” has two connotations: protection and guidance. Let’s see how both these connotations apply to standing under Krishna.

Protection: When we stand under someone, we seek their protection, as does a person standing under a tree during heavy rains. We can stand under Krishna by practicing bhakti-yoga centered on remembering him. Such remembrance may not immediately remove our problems, but it will calm our mind, ensuring that we don’t unwittingly aggravate those problems. Amidst adversities, our mind often goes crazy, impelling us to kneejerk reactions that only make things worse. If we stand under Krishna, our mind will calm, as happened to Arjuna on hearing the Bhagavad-gita (18.73).

Guidance: When we stand under someone, we seek and await their guidance, as does a child holding tight to their parents’ leg in a crowded mall. We can stand under Krishna by praying to him with service attitude: “You are my eternal Lord, and I am your eternal servant. How can I serve you now?” Responding to our earnest request, Krishna, from within our heart, will light one step ahead for us, even if the whole path still remains dark. And if we take that step, doing our best in that situation, then the next step will be lit. As we keep taking one step after another, eventually, we will come to light: we will realize how Krishna, through that adversity, furthered our spiritual evolution.

By thus standing under Krishna, we will be protected amidst darkness and guided toward light.

Think it over:

  • How can standing under Krishna protect us?
  • How can standing under Krishna guide us?
  • Has standing under Krishna helped you during difficulties? Plan how you can stand under him amidst present or future challenges.


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