Even if we lose hope with ourselves, Krishna doesn’t

We often face difficulties because of outer conditions or inner conditionings or both. If these difficulties seem unresolvable, we may lose hope.

Thankfully however, even if we lose hope with ourselves, Krishna never loses hope with us. The Bhagavad-gita (18.61) indicates that he always stays with us in our hearts. Why? Because he is our greatest well-wisher (05.29). He is ready to help us overcome all obstacles, provided we just become conscious of him (18.58). And he is always hopeful that we will one day become conscious of him. That’s why he stays unflinchingly with us as our indwelling companion.

How can Krishna consciousness help us amidst our conditions and conditionings?

When we face hopeless-seeming conditions, we can tolerate, transform or transcend them. To choose properly among these options, we need inner calmness and clarity. We can get those by becoming conscious of Krishna, for such consciousness reminds us that he can and will bring good even of the worst situations – we just need to keep doing our part in a mood of service to him.

Similarly, when our conditionings make us feel hopeless, we can remember that Krishna is unfailingly committed to helping us overcome those conditionings. He is all-pure and all-purifying. If we just become conscious of him as much as we can, we will slowly but surely become purified. In our inner battle, we aren’t alone – we have almighty Krishna with us, and he will always be with us. Even if we blunder grievously, he doesn’t forsake us (09.30-31); he keeps giving us opportunities to turn our consciousness towards him. No matter how low we have fallen, we can still rise, by his grace.

By understanding Krishna’s unfailing love for us, we can resist the temptation to become hopeless and persevere in a positive mood of purposeful devotional service.

Think it over:

  • How does becoming conscious of Krishna help us deal with hopeless-seeming conditions?
  • How does becoming conscious of Krishna help us deal with our inner conditionings?
  • How can we resist the temptation to become hopeless?

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