Even if your better choices don’t create a better world, they will create a better you

The daily news of destruction, deceit and death can dishearten us: “In this big bad world, I am so tiny; I can’t make any difference.”

Actually, we can – provided we understand our place and purpose in the world. 

Gita wisdom states that we are not the world’s problem-solver – we are parts of the ultimate problem-solver, Krishna  (Bhagavad-gita 15.07). This implies that we haven’t been tasked with the responsibility to solve the world’s problems; we are tasked only with the responsibility to play our part in a mood of service to Krishna. Once we appreciate our foundational purpose, we connect devotionally with him. By that connection, we gain strength to resist the wild whims of our mind and senses, which can otherwise get us into big trouble. In fact, the world’s problems frequently originate in people who are misled by their mind and senses. 

Moreover, when we choose to connect with Krishna, we evolve spiritually, growing in our capacity to learn and love. Thereby, we become more equipped to make overall better choices. Thus, even if whatever we do seems insignificant, our better choices have at least one significant effect: they make us better.  

When we focus on self-improvement instead of world-improvement, are we being self-centered? Not if our intent is to change the world by changing that aspect of the world over which we have the most control: we ourselves. 

Additionally, while we play our worldly roles in devotional consciousness as Krishna’s parts, he may empower us to make a bigger difference than what was possible with our under-evolved consciousness. 

When we thus understand that our choices matter, we determinedly make the choices that first make us better and second make us better positioned to make the world better. 


Think it over:

  • With regard to solving the world’s problems, what is our place and purpose in the world?
  • How does connecting with Krishna make us better?
  • While focusing on improving ourselves, how can we not be self-centered? 

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  1. Just like in an airplane when they instruct us about emergency oxygen masks, they recommend first putting the mask on ourselves before helping ourselves. We have to first breathe properly before helping others to breathe. Hence we have to choose to improve our consciousness to get aligned with Guru, Sadhu and Krishna before trying to help others improve their consciousness.

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  2. Question about choices we make when we take up serving the world.
    Does the ends justify the means OR does the means justify the ends?

    I feel we have to take a process that provides long term benefit to get us closer to the goal of KC.

    Example: Narada muni told Mrugari to fully kill the animals since he was half killing the animals. A person from outside will say that how can a Guru say to kill animals? But we have to understand that ends justify the means. If he had told Mrugari to follow the 4 regulative principles and chant 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra ( Means justify the ends), Mrugari would have ignored Narada muni.

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