Even our best race to the end will require the Best’s grace in the end

We all work hard to achieve whatever we need to achieve. Still, sometimes, despite our best efforts, we fall short. At such times, we recognize that we need the favor of higher factors that are beyond our control. Among all such higher factors, the highest is God and his grace.

The Mahabharata narrates how during the war, Arjuna fought to his best ability, throughout the war and especially during the fourteenth day when he resolved to bring down Jayadratha, the wicked warrior whose opportunistic connivance had caused the death of Arjuna’s son, Abhimanyu. It was a race against time for Arjuna as he had to fell his target before sunset. Despite fighting his best, Arjuna fell short, being held back by the combined last-moment resistance and assault of his opponents. At that time, Arjuna was aided by Krishna’s miraculous intervention.

Whatever abilities we have, Krishna has all those and much more – because he is the source of everything attractive in all attractive living beings (10.41)

Similarly, we are all racing against time to bring down the demon of our forgetfulness of Krishna, before our present lifespan ends. We can and should cultivate his remembrance by practicing bhakti-yoga, as the Gita recommends

(08.07). Even if we fall short, Krishna’s grace will enable us to remember him at the most critical moment of our life.

No wonder the Bhagavad-gita (18.62) urges us to surrender to Krishna, assuring that such surrender will lead to the supreme peace.


Think it over:

Why is our best race not enough?

How is the Best’s grace demonstrated in the Mahabharata?

How can access Krishna’s grace?

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