Everything is in Krishna and Krishna is in everything

The Bhagavad-gita reveals a fascinating vision of God who is far away in his own kingdom and is also very much present in this world.

The Gita (08.22) states this succinctly: Everything is in Krishna and Krishna is in everything. How is this possible? If we are inside a room, the room can’t be inside us. Or if an eatable is inside us, we can’t be inside it.

Let’s see how Krishna manages this.

Everything is in Krishna: God exists in multiple manifestations at multiple levels. One manifestation is Maha-Vishnu, the Supreme’s gigantic form from whom the universes emanate – this form demonstrates how all of existence is inside him. God’s containing the universe within him is also demonstrated in the theophany of the universal form, revealed in bhakti texts such as the Srimad-Bhagavatam as well as in the Gita’s eleventh chapter.

Krishna is in everything: Another manifestation of Krishna is as the Supersoul, who exists in the hearts of all living beings (15.15). Bhakti texts state that he exists in every atom of the universe. His immanent presence sustains all of existence, from the invisible atom to the immeasurable universe. Without his foundational existence, nothing could exist (10.39).

Thus, we can get some insight into Krishna’s simultaneous transcendence and immanence. Appreciating his transcendence reassures that he can elevate us to an abode far beyond this distressful world. And appreciating his immanence underscores that he can be approached even in this world.

By worshiping him through prayer, meditation and such directly devotional activities, we can connect with him and relish his all-attractiveness, thereby attuning our consciousness to him. And then we can infuse that attuned consciousness into our work, thereby transforming it into worship (18.47).

Thus, bhakti-yoga enables us harmonize our whole life with Krishna, thereby steadily and swiftly progressing towards him.

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  1. Intense KRISHNA BHAKTI reveals this tenet to all

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  2. Harekrishna.

    Thanks pravuji,
    Nicely explained.

    Vasudeva sarbam….

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  3. We need God’s help to reach God – therefore He makes himself available both imminently and transcendentally. Would that be a correct conclusion prabhuji?

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