Everything is not relative – everything is related

Nowadays many people believe in the relativity of everything: “You stay happy with your opinion, I will stay happy with mine.”

While we all are individual beings who can have our own conceptions, still, a reality exists independent of our conceptions. Different blind people can have different conceptions of an elephant, but that doesn’t make the elephant itself relative; it is related to all those conceptions as the integrated reality from which they have emanated.

Similarly, we all perceive things differently, but that doesn’t make all things relative – things do exist objectively. And their existence is founded in their relationship with the supreme reality, Krishna. The Bhagavad-gita states that whatever exists is either his material energy (07.04) or his spiritual energy (07.05) or a combination of the two (07.06) – it all comes from him, is maintained by him, and will return to him after destruction (07.06).

We as souls, who are parts of Krishna, are all related in that we are on the same journey of spiritual evolution, even if we are at different stages. And everything is ultimately meant to assist us in our spiritual evolution. Our present understanding of things is meant to take us towards the ultimate understanding of reality. Rather than rejecting others’ understanding as relative, we can strive to see its relationsship with Krishna.

By thus seeing everything as related, we can keep our consciousness connected with Krishna. And if we pray to him with a desire to share his wisdom, he will give us the intelligence to help them appreciate the connectedness of everything with him or at least ourselves appreciate that connectedness. What is the fruit of having this integrated vision of reality? It is protection from delusion – those who see everything situated in Krishna and Krishna situated in everything are never lost to him (06.30).

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