Fire-sacrifice is literal, metaphorical and transformational

The Gita talks repeatedly about yajna, sacrifices wherein oblations are offered to the sacred fire. We may wonder, “Does it recommend this activity literally or metaphorically?”

Actually, it does both. The principle of offering is universal, being woven into the very fabric of existence. It is manifest not just in spiritual life but also in secular life. Parents offer necessities and comforts to their children; soldiers offer salutes to their commander; citizens offer taxes to their government.

The Gita reveals the universe to be a universal government, wherein the ritual of fire-sacrifice taps into the interconnectedness of the various levels of the cosmos. The sacred fire, invoked through special chants during fire-sacrifices, acts as a conduit for transporting our offerings to the gods who reside at higher cosmic levels. Thus, fire-sacrifice is a literal activity.

But today’s humans can’t perform competently all the minutiae associated with sacrifice, especially the precise intonation of mantras. So, literal fire-sacrifices aren’t recommended today as the primary mode of offering.

Nonetheless, the metaphorical principle underlying sacrifice – of offering something dear to someone dear – still holds true. The Gita (04.25-29) itself underscores this broadened vision of sacrifice when it deems as forms of sacrifice a wide variety of activities such as breathing exercises, charity, scriptural study and fasting. The Gita (04.30) concludes its expansive explanation by stressing the transformational potency of sacrifice: its performers become purified and progress towards destination eternity.

Today, the best way to perform sacrifice is through mantra meditation, which the Gita (10.25) deems a prominent manifestation of sacrifice. Therein, we offer our most innate energy, our consciousness, to the Absolute Truth, Krishna, who manifests in his eminently accessible form as transcendental sound vibration. By becoming purified and transformed through the sacrifice of chanting, we can connect with the highest reality and relish life’s supreme fulfillment.

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