For getting Krishna, forgetting Krishna is fatal

When we seek anything valuable, we usually desire it and strive for it. Such desiring and striving naturally center on remembering. A person who wants to buy a new car, especially a prized car, remembers it frequently.

Remembrance is a natural result of affection; simultaneously, remembrance is also the way to develop affection. This principle of recollection engendering affection applies to all things. For example, the advertising industry uses it to sell us products by bombarding us repeatedly and alluringly with images of those products.

And this principle of recollection engendering affection applies especially to Krishna. Why? Because he is all-attractive and all-purifying. Though he is all-attractive, we may not initially feel attracted to him because of our impurities, just as rusted iron is not attracted to a magnet. Thankfully, Krishna is also all-purifying – if we keep connecting with him through remembrance, that connection will purify us, thereby kindling our latent attraction for him. The Bhagavad-gita (12.09) indicates that the diligent practice of remembering him will engender within us desire for him.

While practicing bhakti-yoga, if we forget Krishna, then we will naturally remember something else. As conscious beings, we can’t live without thinking of something. And we usually think of those things that we believe will give us pleasure. So, when we forget Krishna, our consciousness will go towards our past attachments, thereby fuelling our desires for them. The resulting obsession will drag us further and further away from him.

By thus understanding that forgetting Krishna is fatal for getting Krishna, we can strive diligently to remember him. If we remember him whenever he is manifest before us while we perform directly devotional activities, he will gradually permeate and pervade our consciousness. Thus, our remembrance of him will become steadier, stronger and sweeter – till he ultimately becomes our life’s foremost reality.

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  1. Thought becomes matter.Thought can help you attain material or even Krishna who is most important for all.

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  2. Getting KRISHNA in life is vital while forgetting is fatal

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