For God, no problem is too big – or too small

When we face big problems that we can’t solve on our own, we seek help from someone bigger than us.

If we are religious, we sense that the biggest person is God. The Bhagavad-gita (07.16) indicates that those seeking solutions to problems – such as the distressed and the financially needy – approach Krishna for help.

Gita wisdom explains Krishna’s greatness philosophically and then demonstrates it visually through the revelation of the universal form. And it states that we are his eternal parts (15.07), meant to serve him lovingly. When we thus appreciate Krishna’s greatness, we don’t get overwhelmed by big problems, but continue striving to serve him diligently.

Pertinently, the Gita (08.09) points to his greatness – he is the sustainer of everything – and his smallness: he is smaller than the smallest. Contemplating on his supreme smallness can help us deal with small problems.

Small things going wrong, one after another, can cause us big trouble. Tall trees that survive severe storms are sometimes brought down by tiny termites. Similarly, small things may make us irritable, unsociable and unspiritual.

At such times, we may think that our problem is too small to be taken to Krishna. While that may be true, the bigger truth is that anything that disconnects us from him is a significant problem, for such disconnection is the biggest problem. Moreover, in his small form as the indwelling Supersoul, he is present within us – and can sense even our smallest problems.

Rather that worrying about the size of the problem, we can focus on the strength of our purpose and pray to Krishna for the strength to serve him always – amidst big problems, small problems or no problems.

When we thus stay fixed in serving him, that connection gives us the calm and clarity to face all situations wisely.


Think it over:

  • How can Krishna consciousness help us face big problems?
  • How can small problems trouble us in big ways?
  • What is the problem with thinking that some problems are too small to take to Krishna?


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