Frustration is unavoidable, but hopelessness isn’t

we feel frustrated when things go wrong. While such frustrations are unavoidable for everyone, they become accentuated to the level of hopeless frustrations for those who hold a materialistic conception of life.

Such materialists may find some way ahead through life’s routine frustrations, but sooner or later life will force upon them frustrations that bring their life-journey to dead ends – unalterable, inescapable, imminent dead ends. For example, what can they do if they are diagnosed with a terminal disease? Not much, except watch helplessly as the body, which they have treasured as the be-all and the end-all of their existence, wastes away on its doomed journey to death.

The Bhagavad-gita’s spiritual insight that we are eternal, indestructible souls helps us understand that our existence is not limited to our bodily lifespan. We realize that we don’t have to limit the scope of our activities to the body, but can expand it to the spiritual level and include activities of devotional service to Krishna. Devotion, by expanding our conception of life, protects us from hopeless frustration. It redefines death as not a hopeless dead end but as a doorway to go closer to Krishna, provided we raise our consciousness. The Bhagavad-gita (02.15) declares that those who stay equipoised amidst life’s ups and downs become eligible to attain life eternal.

As devotee-seekers, we will still face frustration due to the body, because the body is by nature temporary. Nonetheless, we can find some way to serve Krishna, for such service doesn’t depend on anything, not even the body. Even if our body falls apart and goes to the verge of death, we can still serve him just by remembering him. Of course, to remember him then, we need to cultivate a healthy attachment to him by serving him enthusiastically and sincerely with whatever facilities we have now.

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Death for the devoted is not destruction, but discharge
Express devotion by endeavoring for excellence in service
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