Gita 02.64 explained

So now how such a person move around vrajeta kim?

Kim Vrajeta (moves around world, how he engage senses 64 to 71) => how move around when the world is filled with full of temptation.

BG 2.64

ragadvesha-vimuktais tu

vishayan indriyais caran

atma-vasyair vidheyatma

prasadam adhigacchati


raga — attachment; dvesha — and detachment; vimuktaih — by one who has become free from; tu — but; vishayan — sense objects; indriyaih — by the senses; caran — acting upon; atmavasyaih — under one’s control; vidheyaatma — one who follows regulated freedom; prasadam — the mercy of the Lord; adhigacchati — attains.


But a person free from all attachment and aversion and able to control his senses through regulative principles of freedom can obtain the complete mercy of the Lord.


BG 2.64

Now Lord is answering 4th question Vrajeta Kim which means move around, this answer is not discrete Lord said in 2.61 Yukta asit mat paray -> Yukta means connected which can also means engaged. So that answer is flowing into this answer so what is the answer now? 

So Vrajeta was the question, Vrajeta means to move around and charan also means the same. So what does one do? …vishayan indriyais caran -> so indriyais, the senses which move towards, charan the sense object. So what one has to do for that? A person has to atmavasyaih (– under one’s control) by vidheyaatma (atma — one who follows regulated freedom) by following Vidhi in scripture…how? by ragadvesha-vimuktais tu by keeping his attachment or aversion under control and when one does like that what happen?  prasadam adhigacchati -> such a person gets Prasad which is purity, mercy, higher taste or happiness, adhigacchati.


So basically it is talking about how one can get the higher taste. There is a gradual process over here. What is the gradual process? raga-dvesha-vimuktais tu. Put raga-dvesha aside, there are certain things which we may like or dislike but we have to put them aside so that we can move towards something which is better e.g. small child like to play and dislike study that doesn’t mean that he should only play or only study but a proper balance should be bring. So raga-dvesha-vimuktais tu one put aside attachment and aversion by following Scripture which doesn’t ban all the things we like to do but only those things which are harmful for us. So by giving them up we become purified and we keep ourselves out of trouble, also we become purified when we get higher taste and we connect ourselves to Krishna but by giving them up itself further impurities are stopped and in that sense we become less impure then what we would have been otherwise and when we bring the pure sound vibration connected with Krishna it purifies us further. 

So raga-dvesha-vimuktais tu, so like that whatever attachment and aversion we have we will put them aside and the follow the scripture vidheyatma

prasadam adhigacchati

Videatama => regulative principle for freedom.

Generally we think of restricting as deprivation of freedom but regulation is not always deprivation but it can be protection, like when Mother embrace child that is not for restriction but can be for protection. So it is what we are looking for, if we are looking for Godless sense enjoyment then scripture looks like restricting us but if we have changed out values and redirected our heart towards Krishna then restriction is for protection so it depends on our perception.

So if I wanted to enjoy in an immoral way then the rule and regulation acts as restriction, why can’t I enjoy why these rules and regulations are there but actually when we purify ourselves and then seek a higher richer happiness only at the level of soul there is pure happiness available when we seek that happiness and it becomes our goal then whenever senses enjoyment tempting us we decide I am not going to enjoy that, in this case the rule is protection.

If there is electrical fencing around a building and whatever we want and our treasure is within that building and we are also inside that building then we will look at that fencing as our protection but if we think that whatever we want all such things are outside the building then it will look to us like deprivation.

So ultimately it depends on what our goal is, if our goal is material sense enjoyment then all rule and regulation in Krishna Consciousness will look to us as deprivation but if we understand that our goal is devotional service and my goal is Krishna Prema developing Love for Krishna then the fencing or rule and regulation acts as protection. 

Regulative principle for freedom means we will be freed from things which will deviate us from Krishna.

My treasure is inside, outside things are distraction. If we think that everything for my enjoyment is outside then fencing is restriction and not wanted. If we think that our goal is Krishna Preama they act as protection…

Regulative principle for liberation is to free from distraction from Krishna…

A person is sick and Doctor tells him to take only limited verities of food and medicine, if patient follows this and get cure afterward he can enjoy so many verities of food but if he doesn’t follow he cannot move forward and remains in that diseased stage.

Once we develops our love for Krishna then so much of joy is available that time in loving Krishna in serving Krishna that our Goal. 

prasadam adhigacchati, Then we will get prasad which means we will get mercy, we will get higher taste. Param Dristva Nivartate. 

So when we follow rule and regulation fixing mind on Krishna becomes easier because we become purer.

Author: Bhavin Kataria

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