Gita 04.32 explained

BG 4.32

Now Shri Krishna explains further how this Yajna takes place, where this yajna originates from and where it takes us.


Bg 4.32

evaṁ bahu-vidhā yajñā
vitatā brahmaṇo mukhe
karma-jān viddhi tān sarvān
evaṁ jñātvā vimokṣyase

Word for word: 

evam — thus; bahuvidhāḥ — various kinds of; yajñāḥ — sacrifices; vitatāḥ — are spread; brahmaṇaḥ — of the Vedas; mukhe — through the mouth; karmajān — born of work; viddhi — you should know; tān — them; sarvān — all; evam — thus; jñātvā — knowing; vimokṣyase — you will be liberated.


All these different types of sacrifice are approved by the Vedas, and all of them are born of different types of work. Knowing them as such, you will become liberated.


evaṁ bahu-vidhā yajñā -> these different kinds of Yajna, bahu-vidhā -> different forms. Vitatā -> they are spread out from brahmaṇo mukhe -> they are come from the vedas. Mukhe -> vedas has outlined them.

And all these Yajna involves some kinds of work, the whole correlation of this is Arjuna you should work, so all these yajnas involve some kind of activity, inactivity is no solution. karma-jān viddhi tān sarvān -> They are born of Karma, know them to be born of work. viddhi tān sarvān -> All this know them to be. When one understands this unifying purpose of Yajna then what happens, evaṁ jñātvā vimokṣyase -> when one understand this one become liberated. 

Form of these sacrifices are different bahu-vidhā yajñā but they have all come from the Vedas and their ultimate purpose is one, which is to liberate us from material existence, yanti Brahm sanatana, and how this will happen to Yaja kshepita Kalm shah through purification and that purification requires some kind of activities, even a person is doing pranayam he is doing some activity, person is renouncing activity of senses he is doing some activity of breath, a person is  Jyana yogis doing nethi-nethi that person is also doing some work at the level of intellect so karma-jān viddhi tān sarvān so they are all involved in work and by involving work they gradually leads to liberation. So all of them are ultimately meant for this purpose of liberation.

Author: Bhavin Kataria

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