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So Krishna will tell in next verse how Yogis will eventually get perfection


  • 38-45: If the mind deviates the yogi, what is his destination?

Bg 6.45

prayatnād yatamānas tu
yogī saṁśuddha-kilbiṣaḥ
tato yāti parāṁ gatim

Word for word: 

prayatnāt — by rigid practice; yatamānaḥ — endeavoring; tu — and; yogī — such a transcendentalist; saṁśuddha — washed off; kilbiṣaḥ — all of whose sins; aneka — after many, many; janma — births; saṁsiddhaḥ — having achieved perfection; tataḥ — thereafter; yāti — attains; parām — the highest; gatim — destination.


And when the yogī engages himself with sincere endeavor in making further progress, being washed of all contaminations, then ultimately, achieving perfection after many, many births of practice, he attains the supreme goal.


Prayatnā means rigid practice, yatamānas tu, one is endeavouring rigidly for a long time, yogī saṁśuddha-kilbiṣaḥ, Yogi becomes free from all contamination from all impurity, aneka-janma-saṁsiddhas, it may take several life time, yogi’s determination is such that, the determination should go on for several life time. Normal casual religious man thinks that religion is a part of life but a serious Sadhaka understand that life is part of my religion which means my religious practice may have to go on from life time after life time. Not that Bhakti is part of life but life is part of Bhakti, aneka-janma-saṁsiddhas, it may take life time then finally tato yāti parāṁ gatim, then one will attain perfection, now what is that perfection that will be described later, Sri Krishna has mentioned briefly earlier, in terms of Mad Samstham Mad de gachati, coming and being next to me but it will be gradually described the important point here is aneka-janma-saṁsiddhas, it may take many life time so it is sobering (because one understand it is serious practice which if one get deviated it may take many life time to attain eternal position) and illuminating (because one understand that actually one is never lost when one practices spiritual life, even if one is temporarily lost one find the way again and spiritual advancement will never be lost it will stay with us and we will regain it and claim it as soon as we are born in a new body and some circumstances is created through which our past spiritual inclination are activated again.) conclusion to this section, so in this way Sadhaka understand that it is supreme fortune to be able to make spiritual advancement and return back to Sri Krishna no matter how many life times it takes, so when one has that determination then that determination itself accelerates ones spiritual practice. Like in CC there is a incidence of Mukunda whom Lord punished that he will not be able to see Him in 10 million life times and Mukunda was so jubilant that after only 10 million life times he will be able to see Lord Chaitanya so he started dancing ONLY 10 million life times so when Lord Chaitanya saw this optimistic attitude only 10 million life times he is having much faith for the sake of seeing me he is saying 10 million life times is nothing, Lord Chaitanya said bring him here and Mahaprabhu gave him His mercy. So when one have the determination no matter how much price it take it is not too much. For attending Sri Krishna anything and everything is worth, because that attainment is so glorious so wonderful, so fulfilling nothing is like that it will be forever with us, so whatever the price is, it is worthy, and when one has the right attitude one makes rapid spiritual advancement and one doesn’t have to take aneka-janma-saṁsiddhas, especially by the mercy of Lord Chaitanya and Srila Prabhupada it is possible to attend in one life and return back to Sri Krishna.

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