Gita 10.17 explained

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Transcript of Bhakti-Shastri class on this verse by Chaitanya Charan

Bg 10.17

kathaṁ vidyām ahaṁ yogiṁs
tvāṁ sadā paricintayan
keṣu keṣu ca bhāveṣu
cintyo ’si bhagavan mayā

Word for word: 

katham — how; vidyām aham — shall I know; yogin — O supreme mystic; tvām — You; sadā — always; paricintayan — thinking of; keṣu — in which; keṣu — in which; ca — also; bhāveṣu — natures; cintyaḥ asi — You are to be remembered; bhagavan — O Supreme; mayā — by me.


O Kṛṣṇa, O supreme mystic, how shall I constantly think of You, and how shall I know You? In what various forms are You to be remembered, O Supreme Personality of Godhead?

kathaṁ vidyām ahaṁ yogiṁs, Yogim is used as Krishna is connected with everything some places He is called Yogeshwar also in BG.

tvāṁ sadā paricintayan, how can I always think about You (means while in this material world)

keṣu keṣu ca bhāveṣu, bhāveṣu, in material nature

cintyo ’si bhagavan mayā, O Bhagvan how can I while in this material manifestation think of You?

Arjuna question is specific over here.

Generally our journey is from matter to spirit in our own observation through this world.

End of transcription.

Author: Vallabhi

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