Gita 15.19 explained

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Transcript of Bhakti-Shastri class on this verse by Chaitanya Charan

So if one understand the tri sloki verse in BG then this is the conclusion one should come to:

Bg 15.19

yo mām evam asammūḍho
jānāti puruṣottamam
sa sarva-vid bhajati māṁ
sarva-bhāvena bhārata


yaḥ — anyone who; mām — Me; evam — thus; asammūḍhaḥ — without a doubt; jānāti — knows; puruṣauttamam — the Supreme Personality of Godhead; saḥ — he; sarvavit — the knower of everything; bhajati — renders devotional service; mām — unto Me; sarvabhāvena — in all respects; bhārata — O son of Bharata.


Whoever knows Me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, without doubting, is the knower of everything. He therefore engages himself in full devotional service to Me, O son of Bharata.


So yo mām evam asammūḍho,

asammūḍho means without any delusion, one who understands Me to be the Purushottamam, such a person sa sarva-vid, such a person knows everything he got the complete knowledge Krishna is saying, to know Krishna as Purushottamam is sa sarva-vid, in 7.2 Krishna said I will give you complete knowledge and after knowing this there in nothing to be known, that means the broad principle that comprise knowledge are given in their completeness, the principles are properly explained. So now Krishna is saying what is the essential principle of understanding the knowledge it is to know Me as Purushottamam, sa sarva-vid, and it is not just intellectual knowledge it is transformational knowledge. What is the transformation happens? bhajati māṁ, worships Me and how does the person worships Me? sarva-bhāvena bhārata, sarva-bhāvena, with all the emotions of the heart, so actually the result of knowledge is devotion, Krishna has talked about this earlier also when one understands Him to be the source of everything 10.8 He said Aham Servas Prabho Mattah Pravertate Eti Mattva, when one knows me like this Bajante Mam Buddha Bhava Samanvitah, such a person becomes Buddha, Krishna has used sarva-vid over here, the same, Bhava Samanvitah, such a person worships Me with Bhava Samanvitah, with all emotions of the heart, here also Krishna says with all the emotions he worships, so basically knowledge doesn’t lead to dissolution of emotions but knowledge leads to intensification of emotions, Mayavadi idea is when we get Jyana we understand that everything is one and all emotions are useless as I am the only one existing so who is there to love? So the idea is we have to go beyond emotions but Krishna says knowledge doesn’t lead to dissolution of emotions knowledge leads to intensification of emotions because all emotions serva bhavena becomes concentrated on Krishna.

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Author: Chaitanya Charan

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