God is not like an undiscovered satellite around Jupiter

If Jupiter had some undiscovered satellite, we could detect it if we just developed the necessary material technology.

Some people think that we could similarly detect God But such thinking that God’s discovery is just a function of future scientific progress presumes that God is a thing of this world – a thing we just don’t yet have the technology to discover. But God, by his very definition, is not a thing of this world – he is the foundation of this world. The Bhagavad-gita (10.39) states that nothing can exist without him. This implies that he exists in his own category, distinct from everything else. So, the methods used for discovering everything else can’t discover the one who is categorically different.

Certainly, some features of this world, by their artistry and intricacy, point towards an extraordinary intelligence. And some thinking people can identify that intelligence as God’s. Still, Gita wisdom stresses that God is not a material object. So, he is beyond the ken of all material technology, present and future.

Does this mean that he is totally undetectable or that belief in him is a matter of faith alone? No; it just means that we need to open ourselves to non-material means of discovery.

God exists at the spiritual level of reality and offers processes by which we can raise our consciousness from its present material level to the spiritual level. These processes, which can be known by the generic describer yoga, can grant us experiential realization of higher spiritual reality and ultimately the highest spiritual reality, God.

When we thus realize the reality of God, we understand that he is not like an undiscovered satellite around Jupiter; he is the one who makes possible the existence of both Jupiter and its satellites – and indeed of everything else.

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