God is the ultimate source and the ultimate resource

How we function in the world depends primarily on two factors: what brings us to the world and what we bring to the world.

What brings us to the world refers to our source – the family, community and country in which we are born. What we bring to the worlds refers to our resources – the abilities, interests and connections that we have for fulfilling our purposes.

While we all have our particular sources, spiritual wisdom takes our vision deeper to the source of all sources. The Bhagavad-gita (07.06) states that everything that exists comes ultimately from God, Krishna. This understanding of our shared origin frees us from any narrow-mindedness coming from our identifying with our particular source, thus serving as a powerful unifier in a fragmented world.

While we all have our particular resources, we also have our limitations. For our morale, more damaging than any specific physical inability is the feeling of overall mental inadequacy; millions nowadays suffer from inferiority complex and self-doubt. Apart from such negative self-conceptions, we also have negative desires for small worldly pleasures that distract us from the steadiness necessary for doing justice to our potentials.

Gita wisdom explains that we are parts of Krishna, meant for a life of loving harmony with him; and that he loves us so much that he is always present in our hearts, waiting to empower us if we just turn towards him with loving devotion. Most importantly, the Gita’s prescription of bhakti-yoga connects us devotionally with him, thereby freeing us from negative conceptions and desires, and unleashing our positives and potentials. Thus, we see Krishna as our ultimate resource, towering above whatever else we have or don’t have.

By thus appreciating Krishna to be the ultimate source and the ultimate resource, we progress towards the ultimate harmony and happiness.

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