How everything came from nothing is not explained by italicizing nothing

Where did everything come from? This is one of the biggest unanswered questions in science. Of course, this question precedes modern naturalist science; it has engaged and vexed thinkers since time immemorial.

The question is especially troubling for atheists. If God doesn’t exist, as they believe, and the universe hasn’t existed eternally, as science has shown, everything has to have come from nothing. But that is both counterintuitive and counter-observational. Why should something that is never seen to happen in the universe happen at its beginning?

Still, preachers of atheism try aggressively to explain, or more precisely explain away, this problem. And they often misappropriate science for furthering their atheistic agenda. Thus, for example, some atheists write books that claim to explain scientifically how everything came from nothing. Yet beneath their scientific-sounding verbiage, what they offer is not explanation but redefinition. They redefine nothing by equating it with a quantum mechanical vacuum. But this vacuum requires pages of complex calculus to describe. It is certainly not nothing; it is something; quite a thing, in fact.

To differentiate their redefined nothing from the standard meaning of nothing, the absence of anything, atheists italicize the word nothing. But italicizing nothing doesn’t change the referent – something – to nothing. And explaining how everything came from something doesn’t even begin explaining how everything came from nothing.

If everything has to come from something, then that something needs to have the potential to manifest everything. That potent something, Gita wisdom explains, is the Absolute Truth who eternally has matter and consciousness as energies.

The Bhagavad-gita (10.08) indicates that this source of everything is God, Krishna. Positing an omnipotent source of everything offers a far more intellectually satisfying explanation of origins than any prestidigitation that centers on redefining nothing and ends up explaining nothing.

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  1. Very nicely explained. This is a keeper. All the preachers should have this in their arsenal. Origins is the weak link, the chink in the armor, of the atheists as well as the evolutionists. Even a child can make them look like a joke with this argument.

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