How to change our inner frequency

We all have a certain frequency to our thoughts. Roughly speaking, this correlates with the thoughts that most often frequent our mind. 

If we frequently contemplate negative thoughts about how terrible the world is, how untrustworthy people are or even how incompetent we ourselves are, then our thoughts can be said to be operating at a negative frequency. And negativity in our consciousness directs our attention towards negativity in our outer reality. In our life, though sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad, we unknowingly fixate on the bad things and forget the good things. Moreover, our negative inner frequency impels us to act negatively, thereby leading to negative consequences which further darken our reality. Thus, a negative frequency creates a negative reality for us both by directing our consciousness toward the negativity within reality and by making us act in ways that increases the outer negativity. The Bhagavad-gita points to such a negative mind which frequently houses thoughts about fearfulness, moroseness, lamentation and so forth (18.35). 

If we are to improve our reality, we need to change the thoughts that frequent our inner world. How? By keeping readily accessible resources that can fill and flood us with positive thoughts. The bhakti-yoga tradition provides many such resources that link us with the supremely positive reality, Krishna, who is our greatest benefactor (05.29). When  we connect with him in a mode of service and devotion, that connection infuses our thoughts with energy, clarity, maturity. With such positivity, we can work to create a better reality around us by acting as instruments of the divine. And as our thoughts vibrate consistently at a spiritual frequency, we eventually get transported to the spiritual reality free from negativity, no mortality and no misery: Krishna’s personal abode. 

One-sentence summary:

Change your inner frequency and your outer reality will change. 

Think it over:

  • What is our inner frequency?
  • What are two ways by which our inner frequency shapes our outer reality?
  • How can we change our inner frequency?


18.35: And that determination which cannot go beyond dreaming, fearfulness, lamentation, moroseness and illusion – such unintelligent determination, O son of Prutha, is in the mode of darkness.

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  1. When I started chanting Hare Krishna and reading the Gita daily … my inner frequency started to change. (Or, at least I’m sure it did.) What was noticeable to me was how it changed my outer frequency. I wasn’t doing anything to my personality or changing anything, but I found changes start. I found myself calmer, less reactionary, less prone to want to fight.

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    • Thanks, Aaron, for sharing your progress on your spiritual journey. Happy to know that Gita daily is acting as a resource for your journey.

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  2. Reading the B.Gita has helped to divert my mind to the Lord the minute a a negative thought crosses ny mind and surrender the thought to the Lord’s feet. HARI OM

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