How to ensure that our phones are connecting us, not disconnecting us

In today’s fast-moving world, we seek phones to stay connected with our loved ones while we are physically away from them. But when we are physically with them, we are often more alert to our phone’s beeps than to their words. Ironically,  the devices meant to connect us with the things that matter are disconnecting us from those very things. Presciently, the Bhagavad-gita cautions that if we let ourselves get distracted, those distractions will multiply unlimitedly (02.41).

While using our devices, how can we ensure that we stay connected with the things that matter? Consider a five-point acronym WRITE. 

Write down the things that matter to us and write especially why they matter to us. Writing clarifies our priorities, solidifies our convictions and provides us external tangible reminders. 

Revisit those reminders regularly to sharpen our recollection, strengthen our motivation and quicken our reorientation. Otherwise, the seemingly urgent things popping up on our phones can make us forget the things that matter — and even forget that we have forgotten.

Invest quality time on the things that matter regularly, preferably daily. Early morning spiritual practices recommended by wisdom-traditions comprise time-tested routines for such prioritization. 

Track the progress we make in the things that matter. If we see that just fifteen minutes daily for a month has got us through one-fourth of that wisdom-text which we always wanted to read, but never could, we will become far more careful about not wasting our time. 

Envision one year down the line all that we will have done and all that we will have become if we keep investing our time wisely. Do we want to risk missing all that achievement and fulfillment just for the trivia dished out by our devices? 

One-sentence summary: 

To stay connected with the things that matter, WRITE: Write Revisit Invest Track Envision. 

Think it over:

  • In the WRITE acronym, which item did you find most relevant?
  • Among the things that matter to you, what do you long the most to do? Envision your progress in that to motivate yourself. 
  • Try applying these five strategies for a week and evaluate the results. 


02.41: Those who are on this path are resolute in purpose, and their aim is one. O beloved child of the Kurus, the intelligence of those who are irresolute is many-branched.


Author: Chaitanya Charan

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