Hyper-stimulation leads to desensitization

Indulgence in porn has become rampant nowadays, largely because of unfiltered net access becoming widely available through portable, concealable gadgets such as smartphones. Sociological surveys have uncovered that obsession with seeing wanton, wild forms of enjoyment in the digital world leaves people increasingly frustrated in real life because they find the sensory fare available in the real world pale and stale.

Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (03.39) cautions that lust burns like fire and is insatiable. This insatiability implies that no matter how much people gratify their lust, it never lets them rest satisfied. Additionally and more germane to our discussion, when they see repeatedly levels of indulgence that are impossible in real-life, they often find real-life relationships unstimulating. What results is not renunciation, but desensitization – not a self-controlled person’s refusal to eat indiscriminately, but a glutton’s inability to taste food that they still crave for.

Sexual indulgence is in the mode of passion, but second-hand sexual indulgence, as sought by staring at pixel patterns on a digital screen, is in deep ignorance.

Sexual desensitization is a nightmare for many people, and especially for hedonists. But generic sensual desensitization is a problem for everyone, and especially for aspiring spiritualists. Gita wisdom explains that we are souls and are meant for a life of eternal ecstatic love with Krishna, whose parts we all are. When we expose ourselves to too many sensual stimuli and give in to too many sensual indulgences, we become desensitized to higher spiritual stimuli. The Gita (02.44) warns that worldly attachments hijack our consciousness and chip away our determination for spiritual growth.

Nonetheless, if we diligently expose our consciousness to Krishna by practicing bhakti-yoga, we can gradually sensitize ourselves to his glory and beauty. Thereby, we can relish in his devotional remembrance the unending, fulfilling happiness that many seek in vain through misinformed Google searches.

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