Improving the hardware can’t remove software problems

Suppose we have a problem in the software of our computer because of which we are getting a blurred or blank screen. If we purchase a new monitor, that won’t solve our problem. We need to tackle the software problem at the level of the software.

The same principle applies to us when we face mental problems and try to solve them by doing something physical. For example, we may feel low and decide to eat some good food (meaning fatty food) to feel good. That may give us a temporary good feeling, but that won’t address the emotional issues that have created the low feeling. Individually, seeking physical solace to mental problems might just give us a flabbier tummy. But socially such misdirection can have far more serious consequences.

Gita wisdom explains that our existence is three-dimensional: body, mind and soul. These can be compared to the hardware, software and user in a computer system. The Bhagavad-gita (16.10-16) outlines the mentality of godless materialists who live only for worldly pleasure, who think that sensual gratification is life’s prime purpose and who are ready to cross any ethical boundary for getting wealth and the pleasure it can buy. Yet the Gita begins its description by stressing that such people are subjected to anxieties – immeasurable anxieties that continue till the moment of death (16.11). We see this today in the form of the millions upon millions of people who suffer from anxiety, leading to what sociologists call the anxiety epidemic.

To gain satisfaction, we need to change the attitudes of our mind using the spiritual insights and practices given by the Bhagavad-gita. When we work at the level of the mind to improve it, then we will find a sublime satisfaction that goes beyond our physical shell to the spiritual core of our being.

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Author: Chaitanya Charan Das

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  1. Very rightly said prabhuji. But a doubt lingers in the heart that how then treatment at physical level heal mental problems in the branch of psychiatry?

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  2. Great analogy of body, mind and soul with hardware, software and user.
    Thanks for giving us such a great insight!

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