Krishna focuses on where we want to go, not where we have been

“My past has been so sinful. How can I possibly approach Krishna?” Such doubts may block us in our devotional journey.

Gita wisdom reassures us that Krishna focuses on our intentions for the future, not on our actions in the past. Using the journey metaphor, he focuses on where we want to go, not where we have been. He declares in his conclusive proclamation in the Bhagavad-gita (18.66) that he will free us from all our sinful reactions if we just surrender to him.

Of course, Krishna wants us to be pure, but first and foremost he wants us. However we may be, he wants us, because he loves us – always. We are all his beloved children who have been lost since time immemorial. We have become lost due to our ignorant quest for pleasure. This quest has misled us into increasingly degraded forms of enjoyment, thereby trapping us in a maze of sin.

Most spiritual processes require us to remove the taints of sin before we can approach spiritual reality. But bhakti-yoga being the path of grace involves Krishna coming to us to remove all our taints.

When we adopt other spiritual processes, we are like lost children trying to find a path back home. When we adopt bhakti-yoga, we are like lost children sending a SOS to their parent who being eager, even desperate, for reunion comes to their children.

Krishna focuses on our desire to reunite with him and, in proportion with that desire, he offers himself to us through his various merciful manifestations like the holy name, Deity and scripture. As he is supremely pure and supremely potent, devotional contact with him purifies us better than any other process, and reinstates us in an eternal life of love with him.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Text 66

"Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear."


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  1. hare krsna. thank you pr c c das ji for explaining that “you take one step towards krsna and He takes multiple steps towards you. This is proved by His eagerness to take us back home. We reuire to just look at Him and he does the rest by creating the necessary paraphanelia to take us back.We are the lost children of His who have turned away from Him due to our SG . If a son separates form his father and after many years just meets or phones Him , the father is ready to take him back immediately. hare krsna.

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  2. We come into this life with a lot of baggage. Not knowing our constitutional position and relationship with the Lord, we create further sinful karma.

    Yet, the Lord is very merciful. Hare Krishna!

    Dear Prabhuji Charan Das, your work here is an inspiration to all who have felt lost in this material life. Thank you.

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  3. Just connect to Gita daily articles and enter into purification process and one shall surely and steadily establish devotional
    contact with Krishna to get more and better purified to focus
    where Krishna focuses on. GREAT ARTICLE.

    Your great book Gita for daily enrichment is really educative & impressive and speeding up our devotional journey comfortable by removing our doubts.
    Thanks & hare Krishna Prabhuji .

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  4. Very inspiring article indeed assuring us that no matter what we have done earlier -there is a lot of hope for us if we take to Krishna Consciousness .

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  5. Hare Krishna prabhuji,
    Excellent article. Thank you.
    I have doubt about this verse. If lord is going to deliver us with all our sinful reactions,
    Then why Srila prabhupada suffered physically in his last moments on this earth. Not only him, I have seen / heard that so many iskcon maharaj have/had disease like cancer or alziemer.

    Your humble servant


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  6. Thank you very much prabhu for such an excellent article. You are explaining in such a simple way that how much Lord Krishna loves us and wants us to come back home. Hare Krishna, no words to praise you…. Haribolllll

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  7. Dadavat Pranams to you Prabhuji!!

    Thank you for the wonderful articles you are posting…

    It is like you are talking to me alone, directly… addressing my personal issues… they are to simple and easy to relate to and the instruction given in the article feels to ‘do-able’…

    All the responses above reflect my sentiments as well, but I will add that, even as I am trying my best to do good quality devotional service, something always comes up every now and then to create disturbances…

    You articles serve to encourage me to keep going, to improve and to keep my efforts sincere and Krishna will do the rest.

    Thank you very very much Prabhuji for this great effort!

    Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai!

    Hare Krishna!

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