Krishna is close to us, but we are far away from him

Sometimes we may feel that Krishna is far away from us, existing as he does in the spiritual world.

However, Krishna doesn’t exist only in the spiritual world. He exists also in the material world, especially in his Supersoul manifestation. The Bhagavad-gita (15.15) states that Krishna resides close to us, in our own hearts. In fact, he is closer to us than anyone else can ever be, even if they hold us in the tightest of embraces.

Krishna is close to us, yet we often don’t feel his closeness. Why? Because though closeness is a matter of locational proximity, the experience of closeness is a matter of emotional affinity. We feel another person’s closeness only when our hearts are open to them. If our hearts are turned away from them, we may not feel their closeness, no matter how close they are and what all they do to express their love for us.

Our hearts are presently turned away from Krishna because of our desires to enjoy worldly things. When such desires dominate our heart, they leave no place for Krishna there. Undoubtedly, he always remains there, but his presence becomes unmanifest in proportion to how much we neglect him and how much we are obsessed with things other than him.

For example, consider rebellious teenagers infatuated with adolescent passions. Though they may have loving parents, they may not even notice their parents’ expressions of love, leave alone treasure that love. Similarly, our worldly infatuations blind us to Krishna’s presence and distance us from him, even when he is close to us.

Nonetheless, by studying Gita wisdom, we can intellectually grasp Krishna’s love for us. And by practicing bhakti-yoga for cultivating his remembrance and thereby turning our heart towards him, we can increasingly realize his eternal closeness.

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  1. This is one to read over and over. The analogy of the loving parent and the rebellious teenager is great. Hare Krishna.

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  2. Hare Krishna,
    Thank you so much Prabhu for very beautiful explanation…

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