Krishna is not a passive point of concentration – he is the proactive fount of compassion

Yogis begin their meditation by using various objects as initial points of concentration. The Bhagavad-gita mentions that they may focus on the space between their eyebrows (05.27) or the tip of their nose (06.13). But as they advance, they turn their focus inwards, meditating instead on Krishna as the indwelling divine (06.14).

However, different yogis come from different backgrounds – their backgrounds shape their conceptions of Krishna. Some yogis see him as a mere concentration-point, not as the Absolute Truth. Even those who see him as something divine may still conceive him as an intermediate and interchangeable divine symbol, especially if they have previously conceived the Absolute Truth impersonally. They view him as a symbol to be ultimately transcended for merging into the impersonal oneness. And they think that any other symbol can be used if that facilitates better concentration. Such passive conceptions of the indwelling divine deny him any real agency. Their conception deprives such yogis of Krishna’s omnipotent mercy and makes their spiritual progress dependent entirely on their own endeavors.

Gita wisdom reveals the indwelling divine to be far more proactive: he is the supreme spiritual reality, the all-attractive Supreme Person, who is the fount of infinite mercy. The Gita (12.06-07) declares that Krishna swiftly delivers those seekers who meditate on him without being deviated towards anything else. Their steady meditation on him implies that they accept him as the highest reality.

This declaration of Krishna’s merciful intervention follows the caveat (12.05) that attachment to impersonalist conceptions makes spiritual progress difficult. These contrasting statements underscore that when we appreciate Krishna as the Absolute Truth who is an ocean of compassion, our spiritual growth becomes much easier. Pertinently, the Gita (06.47) assures that among all yogis, those who worship him with faith are the topmost.

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