Krishna walks with us, but not for us

When we strive to live spiritually, we often find ourselves succumbing to materialism, despite our prayers to Krishna for protection. At such times, we may start doubting whether Krishna actually helps us. 

Such doubts arise when we don’t understand the exact nature of the help that Krishna offers on the spiritual journey. He has gifted all of us with the precious gift of free will and he never takes back what he has given; he never forces his will upon us.

The Bhagavad-gita demonstrates this in its concluding section. There, Krishna tells Arjuna (18.63) to deliberate and decide for himself what he wishes to do. This principle applies for all of us too. Krishna has done his part by outlining clearly through Gita wisdom the destinations of the various paths that beckon us from the crossroads where we stand. Now he expects us to do our part: to walk along the right path, the path of pure devotional service to him. This implies that the onus for rejecting materialist allurements is on us; Krishna will not reject them for us, for that would infringe on our free will. 

Lest this make us feel lonely or insecure, we need only look to the Mahabharata to see how, once Arjuna started off on the right walk, Krishna as his charioteer was walking with him constantly, encouraging, cautioning and counseling him to make the right moves. Similarly, once we resolve to walk the good walk on the pathway of pure devotional service, Krishna will be constantly right next to us, gifting us ideas, insights and inspirations for honoring our resolution. 

Why should we blame Krishna for not doing what is our part: making the resolution? And why should we burden ourselves with worries about his part: providing the strength to honor that resolution? 

Let’s be done with both the blame and the burden.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Text 63

“Thus I have explained to you knowledge still more confidential. Deliberate on this fully, and then do what you wish to do.”


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