Let others’ human failings not deny us our chance to overcome our human failings

Let others’ human failings not deny us our chance to overcome our human failings

As seekers, we get inspiration and guidance from our spiritual mentors. So if those mentors fall prey to temptations, our faith naturally gets jolted.

To see such mishaps in proper perspective, consider an epidemic zone where the victims find relief through a good treatment that is both a cure and a vaccine. Competent doctors may have helped cure thousands with this treatment, yet they themselves may become infected if they neglect taking the vaccine. This is distressing, even devastating. Still the treatment remains potent. Similarly, all of us are in the epidemic zone of material existence, wherein hover the infections caused by the modes of material nature – infections that make temptations for material pleasures seem irresistible. Vulnerability to such infections is a universal human failing. For overcoming these failings, Gita wisdom offers the reliable therapy of bhakti-yoga. Bhakti comprises the best way to relish higher spiritual happiness and thereby resist the lure of lower material pleasure. So it acts as both a cure and a vaccine against material temptations. By a little practice of bhakti, we can experientially verify its potency in decreasing our human failings. But the converse also holds true. Human failings can overcome anyone, even longtime spiritual teachers, because, as the Gita (18.40) cautions, everyone in the entire universe is susceptible to the influence of the modes. Nonetheless, bhakti always remains potent. It is our chance to overcome our human failings – a chance that we have got after many lifetimes of affliction. If we let go of this chance due to doubts caused by others’ failings, then we let others’ failings perpetuate our failings. Even if others self-destruct, we don’t have to. Instead, we can recognize the indispensability of the treatment – and take greater, not lesser, shelter of Krishna.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Text 40

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  1. wonderful explanation, our only job is to stick to bhakti process, and even there are little fall downs krishna will take us out from that situation , its just a matter of time.

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  2. Hare Krishna …….

    From few days I have decided not to follow this iskon culture.Because the associated devotees around me were following the wrong path. Even they had cheated to devotees also for few money. My inclination were dropped due to this.I have decided not be with these devotees as well as no others too.

    But the lord might be never wanted me to dropped this. Here I have received the answer. It has generated the light inside me to be in connected with Krishna. All credits goes to you hari bol.

    Thanks would be very small for this but I pray to Radha Rani to keep continuous & continual mercy upon you and your team


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  3. Sincere spritual seekers has to pass through the test of temptations every moment.And these temptations are based on combinations of three modes of material nature.Lord Krishna herein says that even upper planetory system is also under the influence of three modes of material nature therefore we have to be vigilant and should take shelter of Lord Krishna and His pure devotee.Thanks lot for nice article.

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  4. Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Is he Translation and Purport by Srila Prabhupada?…..Jayakodi

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  5. This material world is like war and we all Spiritual Practitioners are like warriors. If a warrior in war is inattentive then he may be injured or killed. When a warrior is injured then role of other mates to rescue the injured one to a safe place and give treatment to him, help him.

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