Life is not a fixed match, but Krishna can help us fix it

In a fixed match, things are orchestrated to produce a predetermined result. Is life a fixed match? Is everything destined?

No, indicates the Bhagavad-gita (18.63) through its call to “do as we desire,” which implies that we have the free will to be conscious choosers. And our lived experience confirms our capacity to choose. For example, you can choose whether to go on reading this, as you can choose many other things.

Yet we aren’t entirely free. We can’t choose the family in which we were born. Nor can we choose the weather. Nor most importantly can we choose whether to grow old, get diseased and die – these will be thrust upon us.

Or will they?

The Gita indicates that these affect only the body, not the soul. They traumatize us as long as we identify with the body. But we don’t have to identify with the body.

Fixing things means setting them right. Krishna can help us fix things in our life by setting right the fundamental wrong of our bodily misidentification. When we follow his guidance to fix our mind on him, he gives us a nonmaterial enrichment that raises us above bodily misidentification.

Krishna also fixes things by making a devotee’s life into a fixed match – a match in which the devotee will ultimately win the battle against illusion and suffering. In a fixed match, whoever seems to be winning or losing during the course of the match, the final result is fixed. Similarly, in a fixed devotee’s life, whether there appears success or failure, the final result of the devotee attaining Krishna is fixed.

Unlike match-fixers who are often shady, Krishna is supremely trustworthy as a life-fixer. Why unfix what he’s fixing by neglecting to fix the mind on him?

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Text 63

"Thus I have explained to you knowledge still more confidential. Deliberate on this fully, and then do what you wish to do."

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  1. Hello Prabhu Ji,

    Kudos to your efforts for writing the blogs. The articles are really nice and inspiring. I have one request that if you can also provide hindi version of blogs, because I know a lot of people who want to read this but can’t read because of language barrier.

    Hare Krishna,

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  2. very good article bringing out in a true and simple manner ,the real meaning of KRSNA FIXING THE FIXED MATCH .
    can be termed as creating of the pharaphanelia to play the FIXED MATCH.

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  3. human life is a special vehicle to play the FIXED MATCH OF KRSNA.
    because it is only in the human form of life that one gets a chance to perform devotional services to GBTGH.

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  4. KRSNA reveals the most confidential knowledge in BHAGVAD GITA, by saying that if you do this, this and this, you will get this, this and this and if you do that, that and that, you will get that, that and that, it is upto you to decide whether you want to do this or you want to do that.
    our destiny is in our own hands

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  6. TO ACCHIEVE THE FINAL RESULT OF KRNA’S FIXED MATCH IS UPON US, you may achieve the result in this life or take a longer route of many births and deaths.

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  7. IN THE FIXED MATCH described in this article, KRSNA guarantees the result in favor of the quick you want to finish this match, depends on you. You may play ones and twos and face more balls ( longer time to attain krsna consciousness ) or you may go in for sixes ( shorter time to attain KC )and finish the match in this life time itself. since the result has already been fixed in your favor, you will score and return to the pavillion ( krsnas abode ) as a winner of the match ( escape from the clutches of maya ).

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  9. Very nice explanation..Thank you

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