Love for Krishna is a love that doesn’t appoint to DIS-appoint

Whenever we love anyone, we hope fondly that the relationship will make us happy; we fix an appointment with fulfilment. Sadly however, worldly love promises much but delivers little; it appoints to dis-appoint. But Krishna’s love never disappoints. To understand why, let’s use an acronym DIS (the difference between appoint and disappoint):

Durable: Love for Krishna is durable, in fact, eternal. Why? Firstly, because Krishna himself is eternal. Secondly, because that love is based on the platform of our eternal spiritual identity. In contrast, all worldly love being based on the platform of our temporary material identity is inevitably perishable.

Integral: Love for Krishna is not something external to us that we have to develop. It is something innate that we simply have to revive through loving remembrance. On the other hand, all worldly love is external and superficial to our core identity as souls.

Supra-real: Worldly love may appear real to us at present, but it will be washed away by the waves of time. However, this reality of time, which is the supreme reality in the material world, can do nothing to destroy or even deteriorate our love for Krishna. That’s how our love for Krishna is supremely real or supra-real.

The Bhagavad-gita (18.64) reveals the intensity of Krishna’s love for his devotees: “You are dearly loved by me.” Then it invites us to love Krishna: “Becoming My devotee, offer your mind and heart to Me.” By striving to practice pure devotional service, we can set the stage for our appointment with him. In fact, by remembering him sincerely, we can relish his presence here and now. And in due course of time, we can meet him in person in his eternal world of love.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18 Text 64

“Because you are My very dear friend, I am speaking to you My supreme instruction, the most confidential knowledge of all. Hear this from Me, for it is for your benefit.”


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