Opening our mouth and opening our Gita

Everyday, we open our mouth hundreds of times to speak something. Much of this speech is pointless chit chat. Even if it is functionally useful speech, still it doesn’t always take us to a higher level of wisdom or maturity. 

The Bhagavad-gita stresses that speech is a power, and we need to train ourselves to use it effectively. While we can make conscious efforts to speak sensitively, pleasingly, truthfully and so forth, we are often impelled to speak inappropriately by our impure impulses. For purifying our power of speech, we can use that power to bring our consciousness in contact with the all-pure divine, Krishna. How? By regularly reciting the sacred sounds of scriptures such as the Gita (17.15).

Every verse of the Gita, nay every word of the Gita, is a mantra, a set of special spiritual sounds that are packed with divine power. Bringing ourselves in regular contact with these mantra-like verses can first bring purification so that we can better use our power of speech during the rest of our life. Second, such Gita recitation can also help us find inner satisfaction through increased absorption in the Gita’s profound wisdom and increased attraction toward Krishna, who is the source and the purpose of the Gita. Third, we can also better share the Gita’s wisdom not just because reciting the Gita’s verses can bring greater authenticity to our message, but also because repeated recitation can help us better process and present its message appealingly and transformationally. 

And all this inner and outer change can begin if we develop the habit to open our Gita regularly, to read and recite and recollect and relish and radiate to the world. 

One-sentence summary: 

If we open our Gita even a fraction as much as we open our mouth, we can make our life and our world much better. 

Think it over:

  • How can we better use our power of speaking?
  • How can reciting the Gita change us and change our world?
  • How often do you open your Gita? How can you increase that frequency?

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