Our connection with Krishna is both constitutional and cognitional

A fundamental insight of spiritual life is that everything is inter-connected. We are not isolated chance products existing temporarily, alone in the vast infinity of an uncaring space. We are parts of the Whole that includes and pervades everything.

Gita wisdom reveals that Whole to be an all-attractive Supreme Person, known in various traditions by different names and known in the Gita by the name Krishna. This name has a universal import – it refers to the “one who attracts everyone, being the embodiment of everything attractive.”

By our nature, we are eternal parts of Krishna, as the Bhagavad-gita (15.07) declares. This implies that our connection with him is constitutional – it is innate, being integral to our defining identity.

Then, why don’t we feel connected with him? Because our connection is also cognitional – that is, it has to be perceived and relished through our cognition. The same Gita verse indicates that when our cognitive faculty is captivated by our senses, we crave and slave for worldly objects, which allure us endlessly with worldly pleasure. Although such pleasure appears to be just round the corner, it stays that way, no matter how many corners we turn. More damagingly, as long as our consciousness remains captivated by the fantasies of imminent worldly enjoyment, we stay blinded to spiritual reality, including the supreme spiritual reality Krishna. That’s why we don’t presently feel connected with him.

Bhakti-yoga is the time-honored process for focusing our consciousness on Krishna and redirecting our attraction from the world to the source of the world. The more we practice bhakti-yoga diligently, the more we feel connected with Krishna. Over time, this divine connection purifies us of the illusions that make us enamored with the world. Thus, we realize our constitutional Krishna-connection to be supremely real and supremely relishable.

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