As long as our functional core differs from our constitutional core, we stay in delusion

Our functional core refers to the thing that is central to the way we function, whereas our constitutional core refers to the thing that is the actual center of our being. While we might expect the two to be the same, they often differ, because our sense of priority frequently varies from reality. For alcoholics, their drinking might be their functional core, but it is not who they essentially are.

Gita wisdom explains that we all are at our core spiritual beings – we are souls who are eternal parts of the supreme spiritual being, Krishna. By our constitutional nature, we are meant to delight eternally with him in a relationship of loving service. Thus, he can be said to be our constitutional core. But presently we are attached to various worldly things. Whichever attachment drives us the most, that becomes like our functional core. The Bhagavad-gita (02.43) addresses those who live for their worldly attachments with the insightful word, kamatmanah – those whose kama (worldly desire) has become their atma (soul).

To draw an approximate parallel with physics, just as gravity pulls things to the ground, worldly desires pull our consciousness to the material level. Our functional core is like our center of gravity, whereas our constitutional core is like our center of mass.

As long as our functional core differs from our constitutional core, we succumb to delusion. Why? Because our driving desires goad us towards fleeting worldly pleasures, while keeping us alienated from lasting spiritual happiness. Purification essentially means to make our functional core one with our constitutional core.

Bhakti-yoga purifies us of our lower desires and helps us realize our core identity. By such purification and realization, our functional core harmonizes with our constitutional core, thus helping us make our quest for happiness deeply meaningful and eternally successful.


Think it over:

  1. What is the difference between our functional core and our constitutional core?
  2. How is our functional core similar to the center of gravity?
  3. How does bhakti harmonize our functional core with our constitutional core?

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